The Top 10 IoT Technologies According to Gartner

Gartner, Inc. recently released a list of the ten IoT technologies it thinks will play the biggest roles in 2017 and 2018.

Security And Analytics

IoT security trumps them all, of course, because without the right security in place to protect them, IoT devices will be subject to all manner of vulnerabilities, including physical tampering, impersonation, battery drains, and information attacks, to name a few. IoT device management will also be vital, including the monitoring of devices themselves, diagnostics, updates to software and firmware, and physical management.

IoT analytics also feature on the list as businesses will be confronted with a vast amount of data that requires new analytic approaches and algorithms. At the same time, low-power, wide-area networks will be needed as traditional cellular networks do not provide the right mix of tech features and operational costs for many IoT applications.

Operating Systems And Processor Needs

IoT will also need its own operating systems, as traditional offerings like Windows and iOS were not really designed with IoT applications in mind. Their processing and power needs are simply too great, and they might lack the right support for the chips utilized by IoT devices. Speaking of IoT processors, they also feature on the list because a high degree of technical skills will be needed to understand the implications of processor choices for IoT devices and take into account factors such as power consumption, operating system support, and security and encryption.

Platforms, Standards And Ecosystems

IoT platforms could be used to bundle IoT infrastructure components into a single product, while event stream processing will be needed for those IoT applications that generate high data rates that need to be analyzed in real time. Finally, IoT standards and ecosystems will be essential for the interoperability and communication of IoT devices, particularly because many IoT business models entail sharing data between several devices and organizations.

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