The Odom Corporation Deploys the Intermec CK3

intermec ck3The Odom Corporation, a leading Alaska and Pacific Northwest beverage distributor, needed a reliable, flexible mobile computer solution that would reduce errors and enable them to increase order fulfillment. After researching, The Odom Corporation decided to deploy the Intermec CK3 mobile computer featuring Vocollect Voice, a solution that enhances operational efficiencies and inventory accuracy, all while reducing the total cost of ownership.

During the day, Odom uses the CK3 to replenish and check inventory via the devices’ EX25 Near/Far 2D Imager Engine, which provides omni-directionality of up to 50 feet away while increasing the image quality and scanning speeds, and thus making Odom more efficient.

During the evening, Odom uses the Vocollect Voice software on the Intermec CK3 with Vocollect headsets to load trucks, allowing mobile workers to operate the CK3 in hands free mode, thus improving productivity, safety, accuracy and operational efficiency.

Because of the Intermec CK3’s high durability, it is ideal for rugged environments such as at The Odom Corporation. Since the mobile device is used differently in the day than in the evening, it’s nice to see that the Intermec CK3 is very flexible, allowing users to easily add capabilities such as voice, mobile receipt/label printing and RFID.

The combination of the Intermec CK3 with Vocollect Voice is the ideal solution for a corporation like Odom that requires a flexible solution that excels in warehouse environments and with mobility in the field.

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