The Management of Rental Fleets Can be Empowered by Telematics

In any given industry, successful management of a company’s fleet depends on precise planning in order to foresee and prevent problems with machinery. In this situation, there are particularly unique challenges that a rental fleet manager must face.

Rental businesses do not usually have the opportunity to gain full insight into the daily workings of every piece of machinery in their fleet, and at the same time, operators of rental machinery don’t usually operate machinery with the same duty of care as they might do if the machinery was their own or their companies. This is except for in cases where the rental business has installed a well-monitored and managed system of telematics, which will provide comprehensive visibility.

The technological progress made in telematics of late means that it is much more useful than before. Where previously it was simply a way of relaying GPS location information to fleet managers, now, telematics is used for monitoring the usage of machines, overseeing the behavior of operators, the provision of remote diagnostics and enabling anti-theft measures. All of these capabilities are providing new and significant opportunities for rental companies to improve their methods for managing fleet and looking after the bottom line.

The most up-to-date telematics applications do require the fleet manager to be constantly monitoring data in order to get the most out of them. This is possible because they provide real-time alerts, which can be sent by email or text message to describe any pressing issues.

If fleet managers are willing or able to go deeper into the data, they can access information specific to machines which will allow for predicting the lifetime of parts, which can reduce downtime and allow for the right parts to be stocked at the right time, usually just before maintenance is due.

The goal of every fleet manager is to maximize uptime, regardless of whether they are operating a rental company or another type. When machines have broken down they cannot generate revenue, and that is an unacceptable circumstance for any manager. For rental fleet managers this is even more of a problem since a machine that is broken down can also bring logistical challenges, which add pressure to resources and time. Without telematics, the fleet manager is much more vulnerable to these circumstances.

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