The Living Goods Barcode App—Buying Local Just Got Easier


With growing concerns regarding antibiotics and pesticides in our food, there has been a big push among health enthusiasts to go organic and buy local. Sometimes, even if you do purchase organic food, it’s still hard to track exactly where it came from. Well, now there’s an app for that.

The Living Goods Program is a conceptual app that was on of the 18 Greener Gadgets finalists. Basically, the app allows users to scan the barcodes on products and instantly provides details on the producer, how far the food has come, if the product is in season, historical pricing, detailed consumer ratings and even your own purchasing history.

By using the Living Goods Program, eating local becomes promoted and consumers soon realize the impact they make with each and every purchase, in real-time. Buying local food reduces your carbon footprint, helps the local economy, and can even mean higher nutritional values. The intentions of the app are also to help out farmers, allowing them to better market their products to distributors and customers. Providing information about the farm, how far the food traveled, nutritional value and average pricing allows consumers to make much more informed decisions about what they are putting in their body.