The Latest in Logistics

In a world of seemingly endless options, shippers are especially thankful for Logistics Technology providers. Inside an industry that is always changing, IT vendors stand ready to make transitions simple with new plug and play solutions that answer the call for reliability. These best-of-the-best vendors provide yet another way for businesses to keep customers happy while growing without fear of limited scalability or loss of efficiency.

Choosing crowdsourcing platforms over fixed legacy ERP systems help overcome a multitude of problems. Users have the power to negotiate rates, track performance, and increase visibility as opposed to enduring the less than ideal performance of a one-size-fits-all ERP system.

Advances in technology helped take logistics technology from a necessity to an opportunity to facilitate creativity and growth, creating a hyper-competitive space. Inbound Logistics recognizes this massive shift in the collective consciousness inside the sector, and they offer a list of 100 IT providers that are thought-leaders. This market research project yielded responses from over 200 leading technology companies. After thorough evaluation, the research team produced a comprehensive list; 2015 Top 100 Logistics IT Providers. Inbound Logistics’ chart includes data about the industry each provider serves and their vertical specialization.

Data analytics and management

IT companies see data quality and integration as a pressing issue that continues to pose challenges. Up from 58 percent last year, 61 percent of IT companies struggle in this area. Evaluated by the value they bring to a business, service providers that have the ability to interpret data and offer viable solutions are a great asset to retailers.

Investing in new systems
The days of mortgaging a business to invest in expensive and cutting edge technology that may quickly become obsolete are over. 47 percent of vendors surveyed offer Web-based technology solutions. 50 percent offer both local and Web-based solutions. Technology that moves and grows with a business is high on the list of requirements and fixed costs are fading into the background.

Paying for Technology
How shippers are willing to pay for technology is changing, as well. This competitive space creates an environment where the vendors must respond to the wants and needs of shippers or risk losing their patronage. 75 percent of surveyed IT vendor respondents offer pay-as-you-go subscriptions. 57 percent offer a system-based pricing model. Many 3PL companies now offer their own brand of service bundled with technology, for the ultimate system.

Finding the perfect solution
Cost reduction is a top challenge for IT buyers. 86 percent of vendors that responded to IL’s survey noted their desire to cut costs in any area. Other high priorities include visibility, integration, customer service, and transport optimization. Using existing systems and increasing their ability to solve problems is a great challenge for IT buyers, and the software industry is responding with specific products that identify cloud technology options that minimize risk and may be less expensive than traditional Web-based applications.

Inbound Logistics’ annual Logistics Technology Perspectives market research helps IT buyers understand recent changes and improvements in the industry. This allows individual companies to make the best choice for their specific situations without fear of being locked in to a soon-to-be-outdated system that may do more to stunt their growth than facilitate it.