The iPhone 4S aka “iPhone 5” Leaves NFC Behind

Apple decided not to include NFC technology in its most recent iteration of the iPhone, the iPhone 4S

After much debating as to whether or not the iPhone 5 would be NFC ready, we’ve finally got some answers. Today, Apple held their “Let’s Talk iPhone Keynote Liveblog,” which detailed many specifications of the new mobile device.

For starters, what the media dubbed to be the “iPhone 5” is actually the iPhone 4S. Secondly, contrary to many rumors the new iPhone will not deploy NFC technology, unlike some of its Android counterparts. It’s not surprising that many tech bloggers are surprised by Apples decision to omit NFC technology.

So, what does this mean for NFC mobile payment? While Google Wallet, the NFC-based mobile payment system available on Android, only plans to expand, Apple’s decision to exclude the technology has left many wondering whether or not NFC is really all it’s cracked up to be. Had Apple included it, there would be no question about NFC-based mobile payments. And while NFC could be added to future versions of the iPhone, it brings us back to the question: when will mobile payment really happen?

Does Apple have an alternative, better solution to NFC-based mobile payment? Or is this Android’s chance to finally overtake Apple. And what about NFC possible overtaking QR codes? Share your thoughts on NFC, mobile payment and the iPhone Android debate by commenting below, or on our Facebook or twitter pages.