The Intermec SD61: A Plug-and-Play Solution for Wireless Bluetooth Scanners

intermec sd61Intermec recently announced the launch of a new product, the SD61, a multi-port wireless base station that provides a secure connection between multiple Intermec industrial scanners, such as the sF51 and SR61B, in addition the host device. In addition, the SD61 also allows up to seven Intermec Bluetooth capable scanners to operate in the same area, all while being wirelessly connected to the a mobile cart solution, PC, or Intermec printer. This allows the working environment to be less cluttered, delivering a quick ROI by reducing the number of hosts.

The Intermec SD61 communicates with the scanners bi-directionally, ensuring that data transfers are both secure and valid. In addition, the Bluetooth radio allows anyone using the SD61 to work within a radius of up to 100m from the base in open air. When out of range, users are informed via Intermec’s Ready-to-Work light, and also by audio messages provided by the scanners. Once SD61 users re-enter the range, they are automatically re-connected to the system.

In addition to streamlining operations, reducing downtime, and working more efficiently, the SD61 provides maximum flexibility, reliability and durability by enabling each wireless scanner connected to it to run with independent, specific configurations. By reading barcodes that accompany the base station, or by using Intermec’s EasySet configuration software, the configuration process is very simple. The SD61 was also designed with harsh environments in mind and can withstand up to 26 drops onto concrete from approximately four feet.

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