The Intermec CV30: Fixed Vehicle Mount Computer

intermec cv30The Intermec CV30 is a compact, full-screen vehicle mount computer that provides support for RFID, speech recognition, and voice, all incorporated into a rugged design. The CV30 includes the latest radio technologies such as 802.11x and Bluetooth scanning and peripherals support, enabling wired or wireless operation. Because of this, its ideal environment is in mobile warehouses and/or inventory-control applications such as forklifts and holsters. Since there is a limited amount of space on most equipment, the compact form and rugged design of the Intermec CV30 makes it a great choice for fixed mount applications such as cross docking, manufacturing work stations, shop floor, and other warehouse distribution environments.

As with all of Intermec’s rugged products the CV30 is engineered to withstand the abuse of the harshest industrial environments in order to satisfy user demands. In order to ensure survival, they are thoroughly tested in harsh environments where dust, moisture, and extreme temperatures are the norm.

If managing global deployments is a concern, the Intermec CV30 can also be used remotely to manage peripherals such as Bluetooth scanners and RFID. In addition, the Intermec CV30 offers:

  • Best-in-class flexibility offers the most versatile set of features and options for fixed mount vehicle and stationary applications
  • Smallest full-screen footprint
  • Improves forklift safety by increasing driver visibility
  • Ideal solution for cross-application deployment
  • Versatile ADC Control Center that enables real-time decision-making through integration and management of multiple types of data inputs

For more information on the Intermec CV30, learn more here.