The Fresh Code: How Fresh is Your Food?

Aside from the expiration date of a product, how can you really be sure that the food you are purchasing from the supermarket is fresh? Well, a group of designers were wondering the same thing, so they decided there must be a better way than the expiration date or look of produce to determine the freshness of food.

After much deliberation, the designers decided that a fading barcode would be the perfect solution. Unlike the typical barcode, the Fresh Code would slowly fade as the product became less fresh. Shoppers would gain visibility into which fruits and veggies are freshest, and when the barcode eventually disappears, it would serve as an indicator to the store that it’s time to remove the product from the shelves. The Fresh Code would be able to offer an intelligent barcode with a graph that indicates the freshness level. With time, the graph on the barcode will recede and ultimately reach 0, meaning that it should no long be sold.