The Exciting Future of Artificial Intelligence and IoT – Video of the Week

Time for another Video of the Week! Every Thursday, we are sharing a video on the latest and greatest in the supply chain industry from Barcoding, Inc. and our partners. If you missed last week’s video and post, you can find them here. Keep reading to learn more about artificial intelligence!

Artificial Intelligence
Today, we are thrilled to share Chapter 2 of GS1’s Internet of Things Decoded series. Read our post on Chapter 1 here.

This time, let’s dive into a very exciting facet of IoT: artificial intelligence. The future of AI is full of potential, but in order to truly work, it requires a solid base of digital identity and data connection, such as the Internet of Things.

You might just encounter artificial intelligence (AI) more often than you may think. Everything from the voice response system on your smartphone, to recommend products on a shopping website, to using a web-based map while driving features AI.

AI helps devices function more intuitively, acting as an “intelligent assistant” here to help. Robert Tercek predicts that this “intelligent assistant is going to be capable of helping in ways even when you’re not around. You’ll be able to delegate tasks to it.”

Watch and Learn
Watch the full video below to learn more about AI and the Internet of Things::

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