The Challenges Of Keeping Iot Secure

As the scope for connecting different devices via the Internet of Things (IoT) grows, businesses are facing a serious obstacle to widespread adoption: a lack of the proper tools to deploy and secure IoT devices.

Barracuda Networks’ VP and GM of Network Security, Klaus Gheri, recently spoke to ITProPortal about these challenges. He said that the vast number of IoT devices out there simply make it too difficult to say just how secure the IoT is. Nevertheless, he feels that businesses are having an increasingly harder time staying on top of security developments and threats. This is partly due to their tendency to prioritize functionality over security, which can leave them very vulnerable.

He points to weak authentication and encryption as the main issues. As a company’s network of devices grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to gain physical access to each one in order to fix any problems. In addition, transmitting secure information back to a central location without having it seen or stolen along the way remains a challenge.

Poor Security Could Have Devastating Consequences

The potential for damage is huge. A hacker could somehow gain access to critical infrastructure like water, gas or electricity. This could not only cause serious harm to costly equipment; it could also harm people. Smaller-scale attacks could also be devastating to a company. For example, a hacker could gain access to a company’s entire connected infrastructure and then demand extortionate amounts of money to give up control.

Gheri feels that one of the main obstacles when it comes to securing the IoT is the fact that each situation will require an entirely different approach, and on top of that, each will also have its own budgetary concerns. That is why a lot of companies have settled for some type of security solution that is not really suitable for their needs. This is something that will need to be prioritized moving forward to ensure the safety and security of everyone.

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