The Benefits of Using RFID in Stores Extend to Online Shopping

Having an online presence is no longer an added bonus for retailers – it’s an absolute necessity. However, merely having an online store does not give you an edge; it just brings you level with your competitors. These days, consumers expect to experience retailers online using mobile devices the same way they do on their computers and when they visit a store in person. A recent study indicates that nearly a third of all traffic to websites originates on mobile devices, so bringing those mobile sites to the same level as their full versions needs to be a priority.

Omnichannel operational agility is particularly important in the world of fashion, where trends are hard to predict, purchasing habits are highly volatile, and stock must be ordered well in advance and changed out constantly to maintain consumer interest.

RFID Can Help Identify Trends and Problems

RFID can help make many aspects of fashion retail run a lot more smoothly. One big way this technology can help is in identifying which garments are frequently brought to fitting rooms. Because fashion retailers need to be quick at identifying what will sell if they want to succeed, this data is extremely valuable.

If something is frequently tried on but never purchased, something is probably wrong with it. If it is often tried on, but people tend to buy the next size, there could be a sizing issue. Items that are never brought to fitting rooms are simply not interesting enough to shoppers or are being placed where those most likely to be interested in them won’t find them. In all of these cases, changes can help turn the situation around before too much money is lost.

RFID can also show the exact time that each piece is stocked in a store in order to keep track of how quickly things are selling, giving trend recognition a huge boost. It can also help identify when pieces go missing or are incorrectly labeled, allowing stores to correct supply problems before they end up hurting the bottom line.

Using RFID to Make Your Website Better

All of this data can help a business optimize its online offerings. Hot new items that are selling quickly in stores can be placed front and center on the website. Those pieces that are frequently tried on should also get top billing online. Items where sizing appears to be an issue can bear labels on the site such as “runs small” to keep returns to a minimum.

RFID is the way forward for physical stores, and the data gleaned from it can also make online shopping a lot smoother.