The Barcode Scanning Revolution Is Here

Nearly every product people encounter these days has a barcode label, whether it’s food at the grocery store, a part for their car, or an item delivered to their home from Amazon. The ability to keep track of products and get them to consumers in an efficient manner is central to retail success, and barcodes play an indispensable role in this process, facilitating everything from traceability and visibility to product returns and recalls.

Even consumers themselves are much better acquainted with barcodes now. Many stores provide dedicated barcode scanning systems so that customers can check prices of various items themselves, and others are even giving consumers the ability to scan products while shopping using their own devices. Another example of this is the use of QR codes in marketing, which consumers scan and read on their mobile devices.

The data capture industry is now focusing on large enterprises, where the prevalence of digital devices that people already own can bring scanning functionality to a large group and help them mobilize their workforces.

Broad Applications And Better Accessibility Driving The Trend

The next step in this evolution is the trend toward mobile device scanning. Suddenly, the manufacturers of traditional scanning equipment are getting a run for their money from independent software companies that are developing enhancements for tablets, smartphones and wearables.

Mobile scanning solutions are also attracting businesses in logistics and field service. According to the VDC, grocery, clothes, electronics, and furniture retailers are particularly suited to the new forms of capturing data because of its benefits when it comes to inventory management, picking and fulfillment.

Barcode scanning of the past was a very demanding process that required significant investments, but new software platforms are essentially bringing this ability to the masses and making it far more accessible to businesses with smaller budgets.

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