Tetra Uses Advantech-DLoG DLT-V8310 to Increase Efficiency, Accuracy and Connectivity

If you have pet fish, then chances are you’ve heard of Tetra, a supplier of fish food, aquariums and more. In the Tetra warehouse, forklift terminals would fail when exposed to heat, upsetting their logistics processes. This level of functionality was absolutely unacceptable for such a global brand.

In search of a new solution, Tetra tested many terminals from a variety of different sippliers, but none could compete with the Advantech-DLoG DLT-V8310.

The Advantech-DLoG DLT-V8310 industrial computers with radio handheld scanner are temperature-stable, fail-proof terminals. In addition to being temperature resistant, it’s resistant to dust and rough handling, which ensures a long product life cycle.

With their new, heat-resistant vehicle terminals from Advantech-DLoG, Tetra can rest assured that their operations will run more efficiently than ever before.

Learn more about Tetra and the DLT-V8310.

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