Temporary QR Code Tattoos

While the idea of a QR code tattoo may be cool, the permanence of a tattoo just isn’t for everyone. Now, Stickerscan, offers temporary tattoos with, you guessed it, QR codes.

The QR code temporary tattoos are only .99 for a pack of four, and Stickerscan does all the encoding for you. Simply go to their QR Tattoos page and provide the URL you want your code to link to. Or, if you already have a custom QR code, you can upload it to their site. Temporary QR code tattoos are a great idea and could be used for promotional marketing, self-promotion, or just plain fun!

Stickerscan also offers a variety of other QR code products, such as magnets, shirts, mouse pads, business cards, Google places and more. It’s by far the most comprehensive QR code product offering I’ve seen thus far.

Where would you stick your QR code? What would it link to? Share your thoughts below, or on Facebook or twitter.