TC 75 Mobile Computer


Top Features

– Android KitKat w/ Mobility Extensions (Mx)
– Mobility DNA apps, tools and utilities
– Excellent 1D/2D data capture
– 4G LTE mobile broadband
– True enterprise-class security
– Water resistant and extremely rugged
– Push-To-Talk and VoIP functionality

Our Take

The long-anticipated arrival of the TC75 enterprise-class smartphone by Zebra Technologies arrived on store shelves in May of 2015 with one giant promise- it was to maintain the features customers love about the TC70 while enhancing the capabilities to satisfy the needs of other markets. So far it has not disappointed with the addition of fast 4G LTE data and turn by turn GPS navigation.

The Zebra TC75 leverages the same great 1D/2D imager, WLAN-enabled networking capabilities, excellent sound quality and an Android AOSP 4.4.3 (Kit Kat) operating system as the TC70 with a full enterprise productivity suite through Mx Mobility Extensions and Mobility DNA.

To date, the TC75 has been one of the most powerful, durable mobile computers we’ve ever tested. With a great life expectancy and excellent productivity tools, it received top scores across the board from all of our geeks.

The Good

The TC75 is lightning fast with a full productivity suite, a big 4.7” screen and enterprise-level security. Its best in class scan engine also makes data capture a breeze. With 4G LTE capabilities across GSM networks and the familiarity of Android, it is easy to use and built to last.

The Not So Great

The TC75 is quite a bit bulkier than the TC55 due to the upgraded scanner and its more rugged outer shell.

The Bottom Line

Overall, we feel that the Zebra TC75 is an excellent complement to the TC55 model thanks to its larger screen size, enhanced imager, drop-proof casing and connectivity features. Since it is also highly versatile with its ability to capture and transmit data from barcodes, documents and images, make voice calls and provide turn by turn navigation, it is an excellent choice for a wide range of field applications.

What’s New?

– Industrial grade SE4750 1D/2D imager for superior scanning
– 4G LTE WWAN connectivity, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0
– Mx extensions and Mobility DNA
– IP67 sealing to protect against moisture and extreme climates

Ease of Use

Since the TC75 mobile computer by was built on the Android KitKat operating system, it feels familiar to users right out of the box. Zebra’s Mobility Extensions transforms it into a true enterprise-class solution with extensive security and connectivity enhancements, without sacrificing speed or functionality. Zebra’s Mobility DNA makes it easy to customize with a large set of applications and developer utilities right out of the box. So the TC75 is very easy to use for data capture, asset management and a number of different functions.

Best Environments and/or Applications

Since the TC75 Mobile Computer is one of the most rugged, durable products that we tested within its class, it is an excellent choice for field service, direct store distribution, field delivery or in government/public safety applications. It is suitable to be used indoors or out within temperature ranges between -4 and 122 degrees F, and its enterprise-grade connectivity across numerous channels ensures that you’ll be able to get the job done.

To learn more or to purchase the TC75 from Zebra Technologies, contact Barcoding, Inc.