Target to Implement Mobile Barcodes for Customer Rewards

It seems as though almost all retailers have some sort of customer loyalty program in place theese days, but almost all of them involve carrying around a card, which gets to be cumbersome if consumers are enrolled in multiple programs. That’s where mobile barcodes come in.

While mobile barcodes offer great convenience for customers, retailers often find them troublesome because it requires that they install the proper scanning equipment. Target has recently announced that they will take this step, installing mobile barcode scanners throughout their locations across America.

With the new mobile barcodes in place, Target customers will be able to easily update Target GiftCards via their mobile phone. While a physical giftcard is still necessary, there won’t be a need to carry it with you at all times. Instead, customers will be able to use their phones to go to the Target mobile site, which will display a barcode linked to the giftcard, which can then be scanned at the point-of-sale, automatically updating customer loyalty points.

Steve Eastman, the President of, believes the new mobile system will continue to add to the Target shopping experience.

I think that Target taking the initiative to update their scanning hardware is a great step for spreading the use of mobile barcodes throughout America.

Do you think mobile barcodes will catch on for giftcards and or customer loyalty cards?