Tanzania Gets National Barcode

About a year ago, Tanzania did not have a national barcode, but now, nearly 2,000 products have registered for the new national barcode.
Before the GS1 TZ National Limited was established, businesses had to buy barcodes from Kenya, South Africa and Denmark, which became an added expense on businesses.

In addition to getting rid of this expense, the Tanzania national barcode allows for locally made goods to be sold in foreign markets, generating more production and, in turn, revenue.

A barcode awareness campaign has been established in order to ensure that companies throughout Tanzania use the technology.
Having a national barcode allows the manufacturer to be traced and also provides more detail about where a product was manufactured and the contents/ingredients that were used. In addition, barcodes will prevent counterfeit, substandard goods.

Barcodes issued in Tanzania will have the prefix “620,” so look for some Tanzanian-made products near you!