Taking Print and Apply Labeling to the Next Level

Distribution centers are constantly on the lookout for new ways to ship faster and reduce costs. In response to this demand, warehouse automation experts The Numina Group have created a One-Step Fulfillment System that can help distribution centers streamline their operations and gain a competitive edge. The new system integrates the latest printing technology with software and hardware, and they’ve come up with a magical combination that allows for the accurate processing of up to 25 cartons per minute.

This system can benefit a company in numerous ways, and it extends far beyond being able to print and apply labels and packing slips automatically. It can also allow companies to increase throughput and accuracy thanks to labeler automation, while reductions can be noted in shipping material costs and manual labor alike.

Numina makes use of Real-Time Distribution Software and the Trak3 Controller module for labeling automation in order to directly control each carton’s journey from the conveyor to tracking, labeling and even validation. The right slip can be applied in mere seconds, allowing for optimal control and delivery.

System Outperforms 15 Manually-Operated Workstation

The One-Step system is capable of communicating with WMS systems, scanning existing barcodes, and creating and verifying packing slips and shipping labels. It is designed with ease of use in mind, which is why a single operator can run it continuously. It can outperform 15 manually-operated workstations for printing and applying labels, thereby reducing labor hours as well as shipping material costs.

Just how many cartons can the system process? The 25 cartons per minute that the company says it can process equate to 1,500 cartons every hour and an impressive 12,000 in an eight-hour shift. The system has already shown promise in the pharmaceutical and electronics industries, and it has the potential to bring tremendous distribution efficiency across a broad range of industries.

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