Take Inventory Management to the Next Level with IntelliTrack for QuickBooks Online

A new integration for QuickBooks Online has been released that allows users to create highly capable inventory management systems. IntelliTrack will facilitate the flow of information from Quickbooks, placing all the necessary details regarding financial activity and inventory in one handy place.

This new IntelliTrack integration enables QuickBooks Online to track inventory data, sales estimates, and purchase orders and easily syncs your data with QuickBooks. You can choose to post purchase and sales orders either automatically or manually on QuickBooks, and you can create full or partial item receipts and invoices.


One of the biggest benefits of this pairing is increased efficiency. IntelliTrack allows data to flow seamlessly between StratusISRP and QuickBooks, and can also eradicate the need to key inventory transactions twice.

Inventory data can also become a lot more accurate as the details for shipping, receiving and picking transactions are electronically validated. Moreover, integrated communication and barcode scanning can dramatically reduce the amount of manual data entry needed.

Cost effectiveness gets a boost thanks to the reduction in inventory loss and costly surpluses it can bring about, and the IntelliTrack integration helps reduce the cost of shipping and processing returns. Plus, the integrations can help increase customer satisfaction with its guaranteed accuracy when it comes to order fulfillment and shipping details. Predefined rceiving and picking orders ensure accuracy and allow you to easily receive inventory and fulfill orders.

The benefits don’t end there. It can also speed up cash flow thanks to automated invoices and payments. In addition, IntelliTrack can allow for operational adjustments to be made based on real-time information about finances and inventory. It’s also possible to generate comprehensive reports that can be used for strategic planning.

To learn more about IntelliTrack for Quickbooks online, click here.

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