Tablets for Food Service

These days, time is money—everything is about speed. Even when dining out, it seems as though customers want to get in and out of the restaurant as quickly as possible, which is good for servers, but it’s not always easy to make that happen.

Recently, more and more restaurants have been utilizing tablet computers to more effectively and efficiently take orders. In the past, servers would come to a table, hand write an order and then head over to the POS system to enter the order. It was easy to get distracted between the table and the POS, and sometimes orders would get delayed because of it.

Luckily, with the reliable and responsive Panasonic Toughpad and Toughbook tablet computers, restaurant employees can take orders on the fly, optimizing service and increase the number of customers during peak hours.

In addition to assisting wait staff, tablets could also act as an electronic menu, allowing customers to order right at their table! Panasonic tablets allow for easy customization of menus, pricing and other options.

In addition, customers can become registered users, inputting valuable data, which can be collected to produce targeted marketing message. The tablets could also be used for guest surveys.

Restaurant managers can also benefit from using tablets as electronic checklists, tracking food costs, scheduling and even scanning the barcodes on inventory.

In addition, Toughpad can integrate with surveillance and security cameras for easy monitoring throughout the restaurant.

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