Swipe to Donate Life

Barcoding, Inc. recently worked with Countermind, LLC to help launch the Donor Network of Arizon’s (DNA) “Swipe to Donate Life” application.

The app uses real-time data collection to better improve the organ and tissue donor registration process. Upon registering new organ donors, DNA employees and volunteers can scan the barcode on the registrant’s driver’s license through a sled accessory attached to a mobile device, such as the iPhone.

From there, fields on the registration form are automatically populated using data from the registrants’ license. Once the information is verified, the donors’ information is added to the DonateLifeAZ registry in real-time via Wi-fi. By pulling donor data from licenses, there’s no need for manual data entry, which saves time and reduces the possibility of error.

“Automating patient registration is just one example of the benefits that mobile data collection and barcode technology have to offer the healthcare industry. Whether collecting patient information at an immunization clinic or tracking administration of medication at a hospital, today’s most forward-thinking healthcare facilities are realizing the accuracy and efficiency this technology provides,” said Kenneth Currie, vice president of business development, Barcoding, Inc.

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