SupplyChainGeek Roundup

Check out this week’s #SupplyChainGeek roundup below!

  • Once again, Amazon has upped the game on delivery. Its latest effort certainly raises the bar on convenience, but it’s also an effort to combat a rising problem for Prime customers in urban areas where packages are frequently stolen.
  • Under Armour will begin to offer customized subscription boxes. All sports gear is customized according to e-commerce data and Connected Fitness customers who have positively reviewed items worn in areas such as golf, basketball, or soccer that the customer chooses.
  • Is supply chain management a ‘big company’ game? Check out this feature to find out more!
  • As emergency resources stretched ever thinner as a result of nearly concurrent hurricanes, MIT’s Humanitarian Response Lab worked with FEMA to assist with supply chain coordination across public and private sectors. Read here!