#SupplyChainGeek Roundup

Happy #SupplyChainGeek Friday!

It seems like we haven’t been able to stop celebrating this week! From the #SupplyChainGeek Network reaching over 100 members to enjoying some Friday Halloween treats before the weekend! Make sure to join the network today to gain access to member-only content, you can sign up at www.supplychaingeek.com.

Check out this week’s Supply Chain round up with a special Halloween Supply Chain Ghost stories:

  • Sometimes nothing could be scarier than a Supply Chain problem? Take a look at this video below on some Supply Chain scary stories or read about it here.
  • Take a look at this new video from MHI on the use of driverless vehicles and drones in the supply chain
  • Should you trust the cloud? According to Tony Scott, U.S. federal government CIO, you should, read more about it here.


Have a fun and safe weekend #SupplyChainGeeks! 🙂