#supplychaingeek roundup

Happy Friday!

Check out this week’s latest in Supply Chain articles below:

  • Did you hear that Google’s new autonomous truck crashed last week? Many critics are now concerned about how autonomous vehicles will disrupt the logistics industry. Click here to learn more about the argument over autonomous vehicles.
    Autonomous Vehicles in logistics
  • Meal delivery services have been a trend in 2017, but new startups are beginning to buckle under the weight of supply chain costs and fierce competition. Read more here!
  • The Rwandan government will begin using drones to deliver life-saving medical supplies around the country. What role could the supply chain play in the future of humanitarian relief?
  • Transporting valuable art often takes an army of collaborators and months of preparation. There is no room for error, which is why custom logistics plans  are often necessary when transporting valuable art. Find out more about supply chain mastery here!

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