#SupplyChainGeek Roundup

Happy Friday!

  • The manufacturing industry is about to get a new face-lift thanks to 3D printing. Read the article that discusses how machines designed to construct a specific product will give way to 3D printers capable of making many different items.
  • Salesforce and Coca Cola partnered to demonstrate “Einstein”, a new AI platform. Einstein showcased how the entire restocking process can become automated and lead to the AI driving business decision-making in inventory management. Read more here!
  • Heard of Cognitive Computing? It equips users to asses supply chains similar to humans, going deeper than most current automated systems. Cognitive Computing is helping suppliers identify risks in the supply chain, according to InfoWorld.
  • Rising talent in the Supply Chain Industry may look different than the previous generation. Check out this article by Supply Chain Dive, which features three young professionals who exemplify what it takes to succeed in this rapidly changing industry.

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