#SupplyChainGeek Roundup

Happy Friday!

Check out this week’s roundup of #SupplyChain articles below!

  •  From automated vehicles and connected homes to smart cities and e-health networks, the Internet of Things (IoT) is rife with potential. There’s just one problem: Today’s 4G cellular networks aren’t robust enough to handle tomorrow’s products and services — they will need 5G technology.
  •  Big Data can be used to improve the customer experience, and create a competitive advantage. Check out these 4 trends in how supply chains are using Big Data.
  •  The application of Virtual Reality is beginning to take shape in the supply chain and retail industries. Check out how VR turns consumer experiences into data and how this technology adds to the digital transformation.
  • Could digitalization be the answer to improving sustainability? Check out this article to see how smart homes, supply chains, and production can be improved to help conserve energy.

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