#SupplyChainGeek Roundup

Happy FriYay!

This week, check out the latest #SupplyChain articles below:

  • Electronics distribution was once a sleepy sector, but these 5 new trends are shaking up the industry. Check ‘em out!
  • Check out the latest from the Straight Talk with Supply Chain Insights podcast. Listen to the thoughts on productivity, efficiency, and global supply chain effectiveness and the halt of the Third Industrial Revolution!
  • Technology and convenience are the two major driving factors for shoppers, but can e-commerce fulfillers keep up? Check out this article to see what we can learn from how people shopped in 2016.
  • While some experts claim that Artificial Intelligence will disruptively impact the global supply chain, others argue that AI Technology will only augment the human work force, not replace it. Check out this article and let us know your thoughts!