#SupplyChainGeek Round Up

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This week, your roundup comes a day early because tomorrow is a big and exciting day on our blog! Make sure to check out the articles below plus the cool video on how Lowe’s is bringing Ecommerce back into its stores.

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  1. Wondering what the future of warehousing is looking like in 2018? Take a look at a few of the responses from the Warehouse Vision survey below:
  1. In retail, if you had a website and a mobile app it would’ve been enough to be a true omnichannel player. Nowadays, retailers are struggling with building the right infrastructure to support omnichannel. Read on to see how retailers can operate profitably in an ominchannel world http://www.supplychain247.com/article/how_do_retailers_operate_profitably_in_an_omnichannel_world

  2. Have you heard of virtual reality technologies? If you haven’t make sure to check out how stores like North face and Lowes are bringing Ecommerce back in store: https://cradlepoint.com/blog/rachell-robson/virtual-reality-technologies-bringing-ecommerce-back-store

    Below you can see a video on how Lowe’s has personalized the experience for do-it-yourself home renovators:


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