#SupplyChainGeek Round Up

Happy Friday #SupplyChainGeeks!

The sun is out, and we are super excited for the weekend! I don’t know about everyone else, but this week has been a busy one. It will be nice to catch up on all these articles over the weekend! This week’s roundup goes from the future of warehousing to how mobile technologies are really improving processes in all steps of the supply chain.

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  1. Read this interesting article ways mobile technology is truly enabling effective communication across the Supply Chain! From being alerted via your mobile device before a disruption in your supply chain occurs to the importance in collecting data throughout each point within the Supply Chain, this is a must read!
  2. The warehouse of any company can either be the throttle or the chokehold of a supply chain, “Technology trends in the Warehouse” looks at how different companies are addressing the challenges and opportunities in the Warehouse.
  3. Wondering what the Future of Warehousing is supposed to look in 2018? Wonder no more! Check out the recent survey Warehouse Vision by Zebra Technologies to stay ahead of what is coming in the next 3 years!
  1. Take a look at how Wireless Connectivity is Changing Our World in this first installment of a three part series!

Hope everyone enjoys catching up on everything supply chain!