#SupplyChainGeek Friday Roundup

Another week has gone by and I couldn’t wait to roundup the best articles I’ve been reading this week! From pallet tracking to how companies are integrating drone visibility technology, this week’s roundup will make your inner geek happy!

Check out the articles below:

  • If you’re in logistics you’re probably use to using clipboards, two-way radios, or mobile phones but have you heard of or used flying drones? Read about how companies like Pinc Solutions have introduced “…an autonomous real-time location system (RTLS) aerial robot that can survey large areas of densely-packed assets for the purposes of inventory reconciliation or pinpointing where certain inventory is located.”
  • There are many issues that arise when tracking pallets. If you’ve ever asked yourself “Where’s my Pallet” make sure to read this article that features our #SupplyChainGeek and Director of RFID!
  • When it comes to E-Commerce delivery competitors range from internet giants to traditional retailers such as Macy’s and just about every major department store imaginable. Listen to this podcast that discusses who will dominate e-commerce delivery!
  • Watch this video as Health Qlix CEO David Clement defines the terms business analytics and business intelligence and the role of mobile devices plays in analytics.


Have a great weekend and remember to share this post using #SupplyChainGeek!