Supply Chain Visibility Key to Ecommerce Competitiveness

Ecommerce has evolved to the point where lightning-fast delivery isn’t just a bonus – it’s expected. Studies show that half of millennials and four out of every 10 shoppers overall expect online retailers to offer them free two-day delivery. In addition, they want to be able to return items that don’t meet their expectations without spending a dime.

However, getting the products to customers’ doors is only part of the story; modern shoppers also want to know where their items are throughout the entire process. That’s why supply chain visibility is essential.

Going Beyond GPS

Investments in visibility will always pay off if approached correctly. GPS tracking for the customer and retailer alike is a good starting point, and retailers must be equipped with the technology needed to regularly update customers on the expected delivery time of their purchases.

However, it’s not the only tool you need. GPS can’t offer real-time location data when indoors, and it won’t tell you if your suppliers and employees are operating efficiently. When there’s a breakdown in quality or delivery, customers will blame the retailer and possibly share their opinion across the internet.

Some vendors are already using RFID to identify missing parts to ensure packages aren’t sent out until they are complete. This technology can also reduce the number of counterfeit items that make their way into the supply chain.

Another useful approach is wearable tech. This allows workers to carry out their tasks more proactively and without using their hands, such as with sight-controlled glasses that are equipped for scanning. Not only is this faster and more accurate, but it can also help save on training expenses and downtime by providing instant technical help and automatic error reporting.

As the pressure to deliver items quickly and keep customers happy continues to grow, the right technology can ensure your business remains competitive.

This blog post was based off an article by Zebra. Read the full article here.