Supply Chain Trends Stealing the Spotlight in 2017

What is in store for supply chain and logistics stakeholders this year? Here is a look at a few of the top trends that are expected to take center stage in the field in 2017.

Many supply chains are still relying on spreadsheets for their inventory management and planning despite all the advancements that have been made in recent years. As digitization continues to take hold, however, more and more supply chains are expected to get on board with automation this year.

Demand-driven supply chains have a lot of regulations to stay on top of, and the details of these are prone to change frequently. Ensuring compliance often means needing to pull data from a number of different systems, such as asset and inventory management. Automation can make the entire process a lot smoother and will therefore be a big trend in the coming year.

Supply chains are already making great use of the cloud, and now they are trying to find ways to configure their existing systems to make them work exactly how they want. Hybrid cloud environments are expected to grow in popularity as a way of making cloud computing investments pay off.

Collaboration and Visibility
More and more companies are focusing on supply chain visibility, with manufacturing supply chains noting an SCV adoption rate of nearly 20 percent. This year, command centers are expected to have a strong presence in logistics operations.

Real-Time Communication
Supply chains can be a lot more efficient if there is just one version of data that is accessible to everyone who needs it, no matter what time it is or where they happen to be. Whether it’s system alerts, KPIs, or order status, having real-time information all in one place is quickly becoming indispensable.

Modern supply chains are becoming more interested in actionable metrics that can be used to boost their flow and help them optimize delivery. This area is will be driven largely by digitization this year.

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