Is Your Supply Chain Siloed?

Today’s supply chains need to be more adaptable and quicker than ever before in order to keep up with growing consumer demands. How can supply chains eke out more efficiency?

One step that can reap significant benefits is by eliminating silos. Here is a look at some of the signs of siloed supply chains.

Multiple Vendors Are Being Used for Different Areas

If you’re using separate vendors for every individual part of the chain, tiny hiccups could have ripple effects that reverberate throughout the entire operation. Stick to vendors that can provide end-to-end solutions that can extend from planning through to returns if you want to get the best results.

Your Operations are Geo-Specific

Modern businesses need to essentially operate without any boundaries. When firms focus on certain geographies when it comes to their supply chain vendors, they are missing out on opportunities for greater efficiency that can be achieved by a “think globally, act locally” strategy.

No Line of Sight

Your supply chain probably has different people in charge of managing its various parts, but is there one single person overseeing the process as a whole? A lack of oversight into the operation can lead to chaos. Someone needs to be tasked with ensuring that every part of the supply chain is on the same page and moving toward a single, shared goal.

For example, warehouses have been experiencing problems keeping up with demand recently as online shopping continues to grow in popularity. If other areas of the supply chain, such as manufacturing and procurement, aren’t aware of this problem, they’ll continue at their usual speed and overwhelm the warehouses. Having end-to-end supply chain management can keep this type of problem at bay.

With voice-activated home assistants poised to spur an even greater boom in online shopping, now is the time to take a holistic look at your supply chain and make sure there aren’t any siloes standing in the way of optimal efficiency.

This blog post was based off of an article from Inbound Logistics. View the original here.

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