Supply Chain Noting Gains from Social Media Efforts

There is no doubt that social media is here to stay, firmly establishing itself as a popular platform for businesses and consumers alike. Supply chain and logistics companies are all getting in on the act, with a survey by Fronetics finding that 100 percent of supply chain and logistics companies now view social media as a strategic tool. There are many ways that firms can make the most of these platforms, and the benefits are far-reaching. Here is a look at some of the key discoveries of this survey.

Twitter Most Popular Network

The survey found that Twitter was the most popular social network with the supply chain, with 94 percent of respondents using it. This was followed closely by LinkedIn, which garnered 86 percent adoption, and Facebook with 77 percent. YouTube and Google+ also had a strong showing, but they are not quite as widely utilized as the top three, with just 50 and 45 percent of respondents using these networks respectively. (Are you on twitter? Follow us: @BarcodingBlog)

Increasing Visibility Top Aim

According to the survey, boosting a company’s visibility was the top reason for turning to social media, with 95 percent of respondents identifying this as a reason. Other key motivators were brand image, with 90 percent, positioning a business as a thought leader (86 percent), and attracting new customers and leads (82 percent.)

Market Intelligence and Customer Engagement Top Benefits

Four fifths of companies said that they had experienced improved market intelligence as a result of using social media, and the same percentage also said they noted a boost in customer engagement. Seventy-three perfect of companies said they experienced better business intelligence thanks to their social media efforts. Some of the other benefits cited were a higher demand for services and products and more leads.

The survey makes it clear that the small amount of effort it takes to use social media can reap significant rewards for supply chain and logistics businesses.

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