Supply Chain Mobile Offerings Have Room For Improvement

Consumers are spoiled for choice when it comes to mobile apps that can take care of every need imaginable, but when it comes to the supply chain industry, mobile offerings fall woefully short.

Most firms in the supply chain industry now have mobile apps or websites, but a recent survey found that a majority of them are not satisfied with the results

The survey, which was carried out by PointSource, found that 71 percent of supply chain businesses – defined here as those that provide supplies, assets or services to other companies within distribution channels – have a mobile app, while 81 percent have a dedicated mobile website. These are used for tasks such as recording inventory, scanning bar codes, tracking shipments, or finding delivery routes. Nevertheless, a quarter of those who have these resources say they do not use them for everyday tasks, and only a tenth of them would call their current mobile presence “excellent.”

Boosting User Engagement Should Be A Priority

The finance and retail industries have gotten a lot further ahead than the supply chain industry in this regard. While it’s unfair to directly compare these industries, supply chains could still learn a few lessons from the others, particularly in terms of user friendliness.

For example, the things that retailers and finance companies have already learned about boosting engagement with customers could be used to boost the engagement of those involved in supply chain processes. Designing these websites and applications with the user in mind can boost their overall value in the supply chain. The study recommends that firms develop apps that can deal with some of the supply chain industry’s biggest challenges – namely quality assurance, inventory management, process efficiency, and keeping information up to date.

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