Supply Chain Automation Checklist

As more and more companies realize the value of having an automated supply chain, it’s important to realize the capabilities needed before deciding on a solution. Use the following list below in order to determine what to do.

Conduct a Supply Chain Audit
Document what current manual processes are used and what is already automated. Also make note of any areas that are slow throughout the supply chain and look for processes that rely on one another for functionality. Make not of any changes that could be made.

Develop a Plan

  • Prioritize areas to implement new technology and ask yourself what would gain the most value at a fast pace
  • Define your current processes, changes and improvements
  • Look for internal and external dependencies that affect the project and be sure that there are no missing links
  • Look into hardware and software solutions. Be sure to choose vendors and partners that have a proven history within your industry.
  • Include everyone that will be impacted by the automation, including employees, suppliers, and vendors. Make sure everyone understands the changes that will be made and what results they will provide for the company.
  • Build in contingency time in case anything unforeseen happens.
  • Plan for growth and implement a system that will grow along with your company.
  • Define the ROI and go into the project knowing how its success will be measured, in addition to how the data will be collected.

Rollout Automation Methodically
Rather than attempting to begin everything at once, take your time and plan your automation implementation step by step.

Measure the Results
After each automation process is installed, measure the success in order to streamline future implementations.

Source: Intermec White Paper
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