Supply Chain Analytics Increase Efficiency

Barcoding, Inc. President, Shane Snyder, was recently featured on EBN Online, the premier online community for global supply chain professionals. The article, entitled, Impact Your Business with Supply Chain Analytics, takes a look at “what’s next” in the wonderful world of AIDC.

Nowadays, simply AIDC technology may not be enough to truly maintain lean operations and cut costs. In order to maximize an investment in AIDC technology, businesses must become an active participant in managing that technology, in addition to proactively managing their workforce. All of this can be achieved using supply chain analytics tools.

Companies can become more efficient, accurate and connected by using the right supply chain analytics tools. With AIDC technology, supply chain analytics are most valuable in device optimization and labor management.

Device Optimization
Do you know how well…or how poorly your devices are actually performing? Supply chain analytics are able to offer timely feedback, enabling businesses to pinpoint underlying causes of inefficiencies, identify ways to improve and perform predictive analysis. The more insight a business has into their devices, the more they can fine-tune their processes and ensure no down time, impacting the organizations’ ROI for the better.

Labor Management
Having the right technology is important, but businesses also need a good workforce behind the tools. With the right supply chain analytics, it’s easy to match the right people with the right tools. This can be achieved by measuring production data, labor, cost, customer and time data, allowing businesses to see how labor is utilized within the company.

If you’re already using AIDC technology, adding supply chain analytics can help increase your ROI.

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