Supercharge Your Warehouse Productivity

When it’s time to supercharge your warehouse productivity, fine-tune your system based on what works.

Skill Matching

Productivity can be a matter of fitting the right person to the right job. Most people are driven to work in roles at which they can be successful.

Assign workers to the processes they can do well and consider training them on those that they are not as efficient. Determine each employees’ natural skillset and pair him or her with the right processes.

Factors to consider include strength, ability to focus, critical thinking, and fine motor skills, among others.

Best Practice Leadership

Remember to praise in public but reprimand in private. Supervisors lose credibility and create a culture of fear if they call out an individual’s poor performance in front of the rest of the team.


Give individuals and small teams stretch goals, and if those goals are achieved, share part of the facility’s savings with them.

Nothing helps improve productivity in a warehouse better than individual bonuses based on fair, objective data. You can learn more about implementing a pay-for-performance system here.

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