Successfully Adhere Your Barcode Labels

When labeling your assets, its important to make sure that the barcode labels will stick and last. In order to ensure long-lasting adhesion, follow these simple steps:

1) Clean
Make sure the surface you are going to be sticking your barcode label on is completely clean and dried, free from grease and oil. Isopropyl alcohol is recommended instead of household cleaners, since household cleaners have extra fragrances and/or oils that could interfere with the adhesive.

2) Peel
When removing your barcode label from the larger sheet of labels, do so with care. Try not to bend the label, as this will cause the label to not adhere correctly on a flat surface. Rather than bending the label off of the sheet, bend the sheet. Also use caution to ensure minimal skin contact is made, as oils from the fingers can easily effect the adhesiveness of the labels.

3) Apply
Apply the label with a firm, even amount of pressure to ensure maximum bonding. Remember, unless stated otherwise, most adhesives are permanent—they are not meant to be applied, removed and then reapplied. Allow 48+ hours for the full strength of the adhesive to bond to your asset.

In addition, keep in mind that temperature is an important factor in barcode label adhesives. If it’s too cold, the label will not adhere properly, but if its too warm, the adhesive will not stick. A same temperature range is 70-100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Learn more about barcode labels from our partner, Zebra Technologies.