Successful Route Accounting Implementation

Barcoding, Inc. is pleased to announce a successful implementation of a Rutherford Route Accounting System for Crescent Crown Distributing.

By using Rutherford’s eoStar route accounting software in conjunction with life cycle management and mobile hardware from Barcoding, we were able to help Crescent Crown Distributing achieve their ultimate level of efficiency.

Crescent Crown Distributing needed an intuitive route accounting solution that integrated their mobile devices with sales, distribution and warehouse and office operations. Barcoding and Rutherford created a solution that:

  • Allowed delivery applications to be installed on their handheld mobile computers, finalizing and printing invoices on the go.
  • Enabled warehouse workers to better manage inventory, print ballet tags, make modifications and receive purchases and transfers.
  • Integrated order entry with surveys, goals, objectives, POS management, detailed sales, accounts receivable and inventory level information.
  • Manage day-to-day operations

Learn more about how Barcoding, Inc. and Rutherford helped Crescent Crown Distributing achieve maximum efficiency.