Study Reveals Disturbing Data Regarding IoT Security

According to a recent study, 80 percent of IoT apps are not tested for vulnerabilities.

The “2017 Study on Mobile and IoT Application Security” polled nearly 600 IT security providers and discovered just how unprepared they are for the risks that could be posed by vulnerable IoT apps.

Although the survey revealed a general lack of urgency when it comes to addressing the risk, 66 percent of those questioned said they were very concerned about malware threats to IoT apps.

The survey was sponsored by IBM and Arxan Technologies and carried out by the Ponemon Institute. Arxan Technologies CMO Mandeep Khera said that their biggest surprise was finding that while the overwhelming majority of respondents felt they were likely to be hacked, most of them where not actually doing anything to protect themselves.

What is Behind This Inaction?

Budget constraints and a lack of awareness could be a big part of the problem. Khera believes that it might take a big hack hitting the spotlight to spur this important conversation, and regulations could also help companies to secure the budget needed for such security initiatives.

Another part of the problem is that IoT is so new that the potential issues that could arise and their impact on human life is not yet fully understood.

Expert Brad Bussie of STEALTHbits Technologies says that part of the problem is the perception of security as being something that gets in the way. He also said the vast number of IoT devices is preventing a common set of standards from being put in place. He says it’s a simple business decision for manufacturers, who see that it is cheaper for them to manufacture these devices and applications without putting the proper security measures in place. As long as people do not demand more secure products, he feels manufacturers are unlikely to step up to the plate and offer it on their own.

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