StratusStockroom Making Life Easier for the Jekyll Island Authority

IntelliTrack has been providing top-flight inventory management systems for a quarter century in more than 20,000 installations. Its StratusStockroom software packages in particular have enjoyed tremendous success thanks to their security, ease of use, and affordability.

The Jekyll Island Authority (JIA) is just one of many StratusStockroom success stories. The JIA’s Coordinator of Materials and Purchasing, Shawna Nazzrie, needed to keep track of a huge amount of inventory, and she found that the spreadsheets they were using for the purpose were often incomplete or inaccurate, causing problems such as inventory shortages, delays, and lost items.

Software’s benefits felt throughout the JIA

The authority turned to IntelliTrack StratusStockroom because of its automatic updates, secure cloud storage, support for standard and customized reports, and ability to integrate with different accounting software. They noticed a slew of benefits right off the bat, from easier scanning of barcode images to better record keeping.

Nazzrie started out by updating all of the data available and then worked together with IntelliTrack representatives to customize reports, like the daily list report.

The delays once seen in work orders have become a thing of the past, while the accounting department is enjoying its accurate and up-to-date data. She says that those working in inventory now feel more confident about the levels they have on hand and where they keep them. Nazzrie has set up minimum and maximum stock levels to help make reordering a snap and put an end to costly surpluses and stressful shortages.

Now, several other departments have started using JIA’s warehouse services, including a conservation program, gift shop, and retail village. The software has been easily able to keep up with the influx of inventory and changes.

Nazzrie had a lot of positive things to say about the software, praising the excellent training and the quick responsiveness of the StratusStockroom team.

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