StratusISRP Helps Dancewear Works Take Its Business To The Next Level

When Dancewear Works experienced a surge in business two years ago, owner Irene Wong began to search for a better way to control her growing inventory. The manufacturer is a highly regarded provider of fashion and accessories in the competitive ballroom dancing world, and their needs were very specific. They offer a wide variety of products including elegant show dresses, practice wear and accessories like gloves, shoes, and jewelry. In addition to readymade garments, their company designer also creates custom pieces.

In addition to tracking sale inventory and identifying inventory for tradeshows, they needed a better way to track the status of their products in consignment stores and the progress of custom orders that are designed in the U.S. before being made in Hong Kong and then brought back to the U.S. to be finished and shipped.

Intellitrack Worked With Dancewear Works To Find The Ideal Solution

Wong also needed the ability to manage inventory on a mobile device wherever she happens to be and share that information with partners overseas. IntelliTrack’s Stratus Inventory Shipping Receiving Picking (StratusISRP) ticked all the boxes for Dancewear Works. The program was recommended to them by the IntelliTrack team after a careful assessment of their operations and needs.

Wong praised the IntelliTrack team for their responsiveness and was pleased to find that their solution provided secure cloud storage that could be accessed from anywhere and also runs on smartphones.

The IntelliTrack team helped to upload basic inventory information from the firm’s existing spreadsheets and even managed to incorporate their highly specific label requirements. The metrics aren’t available yet, but Wong suspects there will be a noticeable increase in profitability thanks to the improvements in inventory controls and customer service that the system has brought about.

IntelliTrack boasts a quarter century of experience providing top-flight inventory management solutions and has emerged as leader in the industry.

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