Stockroom Inventory Application

Stockroom inventory refers to applications that keep accurate track of “consumable” inventory levels in supply closets and stockrooms.  Consumable inventory refers to items such as office supplies, paper, pens, toner cartridges, etc.  Stockroom inventory software allows you to control the receipt and issuance of stockroom supplies, keeping an accurate count of what is on hand.  When you receive new supplies you simply scan the barcode to add it into the system, which will automatically recalculate the inventory levels.  And when you issue supplies to different departments you simply scan the barcode again to reduce the inventory levels.  Stockroom inventory software such as IntelliTrack DMS Stockroom also tracks reorder points, expiration dates and usage by person or department.  This type of barcode application can help reduce out-of-stocks in the supply room, indentify inventory trends and control costs.  If you’d like more information about stockroom inventory or IntelliTrack software please contact me at and I can get you in touch with someone that can provide you with more information about this type of system.