Stickybits: Barcoding The World

Everything you encounter has a past—a story to be told. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could re-live that story? Well, now there’s an app for that.

Stickybits is the app for that, and it allows uers to give any physical object a story by simply sticking a barcode on it, which can then be scanned by a phone with the app. Once scanned, a photo, text message, video or even voice note could appear on your phone.

Stickybits was invented by Billy Chasen and Seth Goldstein and is currently available for both the iPhone and Android. Allowing users to attach a message of different mediums to physical objects is a great way for both businesses and consumers to get their messages across. For example, a letter could include a barcode that would link to a video, or a business card could link to a resume. Businesses could use Stickybits to link to audio tours, reviews and more… the possibilities are endless!

While the app is free, a pack of Stickybits includes 20 vinyl barcode stickers for $10. There’s even an option to download and print your own barcodes. Each barcode is programmable by the first person who scans it and leaves a medium, whether it be a photo, video, audio or text message. Once someone comes along and scans the barcode, the message will appear on their phone and they can even add a new message to the same code, resulting in a sort of conversation of messages that creates an evolving story.

From there, the app allows users follow people and see their object stream and receive notifications whenever an object is scanned, moved or has had more “bits” attached to them. The app can also connect with Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare, allowing users to share bits with their friends. Foursquare offers another level of interactivity in that it enables users to check into the place where they are scanning the barcode.

While much technology exists in barcodes sending back information to a users phone (ie Microsoft Tag, QR Codes and JAGTAG), Stickybits is unique in its ability to create a storyline and history.

If you’ve seen Stickybits out, let us know where and your thoughts! For more information on Stickybits, visit their site here.

Watch the interview with lead developer, Matt Paul, to learn more!