StayLinked’s Smart Keyboard the Ideal Solution for Touchscreen Data Entry

Smaller screens are a necessity in many working environments, and technological advancements have enabled device makers to pack lots of functionality into increasingly smaller and lighter devices. However, this convenience does not come without its share of problems, and chief among them is the issue of keyboards that are frustratingly small to type on.

StayLinked has come up with a clever solution to this problem in the form of its StayLinked Smart Keyboard. As the newest addition to its SmartTE Terminal Emulation product, this keyboard is ideal for helping users to get the most out of any touchscreen devices that lack a physical keyboard.

Fully Customizable

The keyboard is designed to work with all Android devices that are touch-only. It enables users to use the device’s entire screen to type. The keyboard is actually laid out transparently on top of the application they are using so that the input fields can still be seen in the background while they type, and the app they are using retains its functionality the entire time. The transparency can be set to the desired level simply by tapping the keyboard and holding it.

There are several useful options, including traditional keyboards and numeric keypads as well as screen-aligned configurations. It’s just a matter of swiping across the keyboard to switch to a different layout or configuration. Because many apps align their screen content on the left, the Smart Keyboard has keyboards that are aligned to the right. There is also physical key mapping so that users can set physical keys to drop any keyboard they need right when they need it, giving them full control over the experience.

Best of all, SmartTE with the Smart Keyboard works with warehouse applications out of the box, so there is no need to lose time on frustrating setup procedures.

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