Start Your Morning Routine with a Barcode

Could a barcode be one of the first things you see in the morning?

A new Android alarm clock app could really work in getting people to wake up without pressing snooze. The app, Morning Routine, forces users to wake up—when the alarm goes off, you must scan a barcode in order to turn in off. For example, if the first thing in your routine is brushing your teeth, users could set up the alarm so that they must scan the barcode on their toothpaste before the alarm shuts off.

This prevents people from “snoozing” and forces to get people out of bed and into other parts of the house to start their day. Users can also set up Morning Routine to scan a series of barcodes, such as your toothpaste, then mouthwash, then lotion to force you into a morning routine.

Watch the humorous video below to see the free Morning Routine app in action.