Starbucks Uses QR Codes for New iPhone App

starbucks qr code appThe new Starbucks Mobile Card App offers consumers convenience by making use of QR codes. In select Starbucks stores throughout the US, consumers can now pay with their iPhone. The 2D barcode, or QR code, is created by consumers and can then be scanned by the barista in order to pay. As of now, this capability is only available in select locations because each store must be upgraded to new barcode scanners capable of scanning 2D barcodes on lcd screens.

In addition to implementing QR codes, the new iPhone app takes advantage of Starbucks gift cards. Users of the app will now be able to constantly keep track of how much money is left on their giftcards. In addition, users can easily reload money onto their gift cards right from their iPhone. As an incentive to use the app, Starbucks is offering a $5 credit to anyone who adds $25 or more to their gift cards from their phone.

If one of the biggest businesses in the US begins to implement QR codes in more of their stores, other retailers will soon follow suite. QR codes are a great way to pay, in addition to use for customer loyalty cards and coupons, straight from your phone! Only time will tell if the success of QR codes in select Starbucks locations will lead to a roll-out of new barcode scanners in all locations, which would finally make QR codes very popular in the States.