Spotlight on Barcode Scanning: Don’t Make Me Wait!

The Honeywell Xenon 1900 has a custom sensor for optimized for barcode scanning… can you say the same about your barcode scanner?

Every time I go to the gym, I hand over the barcode on my keychain to be scanned, confirming my membership. However, more often than not, what should be a quick scan of a 1D barcode turns into the person at the front desk twisting the keycard into all sorts of angles, and ultimately keying in the numbers by hand. This time consuming process is irritating to both the consumer (me) and the clerk.

While I couldn’t see what kind of barcode scanner was being used, it definitely looked old. If you’re using old, out-dated equipment, chances are you’re having some issues. In an age when time is money, can you really afford to waste it?

After looking for high-quality barcode scanners, I came across the Honeywell Xenon 1900. More than just a barcode scanner, this advanced area-imaging scanner delivers color imaging and a custom sensor for optimum barcode scanning. In addition, the Xenon 1900 features:

  • ColorFusion Technology
  • Two Focal Options
  • Optional Disinfectant-Ready Housing
  • Image Processing Software
  • TotalFreedom™ 2.0

So, stop making customers wait, and get the scanner that can handle it all—learn more about the Xenon 1900.